Charli rural garden in Zamora

Good afternoon Agrohuerters! Today we are going to talk about a very special orchard. A few days ago our Agrohuerter Alberto de Tardobispo who is in Zamora (Spain) contacted us because he wants to share with all of us his beautiful garden, the “Charli rural garden”.

Charli rural garden

Agrohuerter Alberto

Alberto is a young teacher who returned to rural life due to twists and turns of fate and with this he has been encouraged to start a vegetable garden. What better place to put a garden than the wide field, in the middle of nature. It all started in the month of April with a small farming area which had cultivated garlic, peas and beans. Little by little, with great care and effort, this area has been taking shape and in these months the garden has already been considerably enlarged.

Charli Garden Logo

The name of his orchard, as we have said before, is «Charli rural garden», and you will wonder who Charli is, well, it is his

nice dog. With this name for the orchard, Alberto wanted to pay a small tribute to Charli, since she always accompanies him during the long hours of work in the orchard and enjoys it as much as her owner. The two of them have a great time every day. As you can see in the photo they have created a very nice logo that Charli is accompanying.

Characteristics and method of cultivation of La Huerta rural Charli

The characteristics and form of cultivation in the «Charli rural garden» are the following:

It is totally ecological, they do not use any type of chemical, they have opted for the natural in all its aspects. Through the use of organic seeds, the fertilizer is horse and donkey manure from the area that has matured for more than 12 months.

The vegetables they have at the moment are around 200 onions and 40 pepper plants. We also find tomatoes, chard, watermelons, melons, aubergines, potatoes, collard greens, carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, courgettes, cauliflowers, artichokes, beans and pumpkins, all of which come from seedlings. All the production is used for their own consumption and sometimes they give away to friends and neighbors. For all this we can see that they are totally self- sufficient.

Irrigation and crops of the Charli Garden

The big problem that Alberto faces is the great scarcity of water in the area, so he has to make the most of it. This is one of the reasons why they grow few ornamental plants, but among them there are lilies, roses and petunias. To take advantage of this scarce resource, he uses drip irrigation, and if he sees any wasted space where there is water, he grows a lettuce. As for fruit trees, he has vines, plum trees and peach trees among others.

One of the headaches of any farmer is pests and diseases, in the Charli rural garden there are usually many aphids, but they have never been uncontrolled pests that have appeared. What can affect the health of the plants the most are the wild rabbits in the area, but thanks to Charli most of them are chased away, avoiding the great damage they cause to the stems and roots of the plants.

A task that they carry out each season is the planning of the orchard, which, as we have always said in Agrohuerto, is very important. Alberto writes down what plants he has had and where on the land, to change families the following season in order to avoid soil depletion and possible diseases in future vegetables.

Now in summer, as we have seen in the previous post “ Orchard in summer what to do. ” It is time to prepare the seedbeds, this is one of the jobs that is currently being carried out in the garden, in addition to the cultivation of seasonal vegetables. The nurseries place them outside in the open air in a shaded area and even use a specific substrate for it. In the photograph you can also see a small house surrounded by vines, which is the place where tools, implements, storage shelves are stored, so they take care of every detail.

I hope you liked the Charli rural garden, and that it can be an inspiration for your gardens. From here we congratulate Alberto for his garden and we thank him for sharing it with all the Agrohuerters.

Seedbeds of the Charli Orchard

It is wonderful that you share with all of us your initiatives and especially your progress. You already know that for any questions you may have, you can contact us through comments on this blog and messages on Facebook, where we always answer you in the shortest time possible.

I encourage you all to show us your orchards or flowerpots, just as Alberto has done, you can also share photographs of nature, orchards, gardens, etc. that you have made yourselves. Regards and until next time!

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