What to do in the Garden in summer: Complete guide

Hello Agrohuerters, as summer is advancing, today I am going to talk to you about tasks that have to be carried out in the garden in summer. You already know that the orchard must be worked throughout the annual cycle to improve the harvests year after year. In most cases, the health of our plants is greatly influenced by the environment in which they are found. This translates into the work we do in the orchard.

garden care in summer

To have a splendid summer garden, it is convenient to carry out these tasks:

Prepare plant seedlings

Specifically for cabbage, celery and other winter crops, you can start preparation now and transplant in August or September.

There is a great variety of seedlings within the nurseries and seedbeds.

Water the garden in summer

This at first sight is a task that must be done throughout the year, and it is true, but in summer it is one of the most important tasks, especially in orchards that are cultivated on a plot. The land in the central hours of the day gets very hot and the water ends up evaporating, so it must be replenished with irrigation.

It is one of the tasks that should not be forgotten. So you can use an App to plan the tasks, in this case the irrigation time. At the same time, it is very important to make the pertinent irrigations, in the earliest hours of the morning or late in the afternoon when the sun is going down.

Exudation irrigation pipe. Source: blog «The time to bites»

make quilts

Summer is a good time to use mulches, because in this way we prevent the soil from heating up excessively, which favors the roots of the plants, and can help save water because it prevents the evaporation of irrigation water. The soil retains moisture better.

Planning the garden for the fall

To continue with the garden throughout the year it is necessary to plan what crops we are going to grow, knowing what we currently have. In this way we can make a good crop rotation and thus avoid diseases or pests in the following plants. On the other hand, it is good to plan in advance the following plants to grow, to take into account the crop associations that can be made.

remove weeds

This happens especially in orchards that are on plots, with the sun and the irrigation that is done there is a high probability that weeds will grow. If we find these, especially when the crop is already an adult, they will have to be removed by hand.

Weeds -Sonchus oleraceus –


In the orchard, in summer it is the peak time for harvesting or harvesting, since many vegetables are from this season. It must be collected evenly and correctly. This means, among other things, that we must harvest only when the fruit is at its optimum moment, which is neither too small nor too ripe. In the cultivation sheets you can see when is the ideal time to harvest each species.

Protect plants from the sun

Sometimes, especially in very hot summers, it is necessary to take measures at peak times of the day, otherwise the plants may burn. The crop is often damaged by heatstroke, the fruits can suffer serious burns and spoil. In the flowerpot we can remove the pots to a somewhat more shady place.

And both in the orchard and the flowerpot , shading nets can be used. These provide shade in the orchard and, being made up of small holes, allow the plant to perspire, preventing it from overheating. Apart from having the advantage of being quite cheap, meshes can also help prevent harmful insects from approaching the plant. vegetables.

collect seeds

This is a very good option especially in the fruits that have been spoiled. We can take their seeds and let them dry to use them in the next crop, we use the rest for compost. On the other hand, if we have had Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower, summer is the ideal time to collect the seeds, the crops simply do not have to be removed after their production and their cultivation is prolonged until harvest. of seeds.

green manures

At the end of summer in many regions the necessary conditions are met for sowing this type of green manure.

Clovers are widely used as green manures.

Fallow or soil disinfection

These techniques are usually carried out when it is known that there may be insects or bacteria in the soil that can make the following plants sick. The two techniques imply leaving said area of ​​soil free of cultivation and applying one of the two techniques to it. In previous posts, we have talked about soil disinfection.

In conclusion, there are several and diverse tasks that we can carry out in the garden in summer. All of them are equally important or necessary, do not stop doing them according to the needs of your garden. Greetings Agrohuerters.

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