Cypress Cuttings: [Concept, Time, Rooting and Planting]

What does it mean to plant by cuttings?

Planting by cuttings is a reproduction technique through which a plant fragment that can be a stem, leaf, rhizome or root is used to make a new plant emerge.

The cuttings can be: tender, juvenile, semi-mature, woody, bud, foliar and root, according to the conditions of the mother plant.

Multiplying or propagating plants by cuttings is very useful for those species that do not produce seeds or that produce a limited number of them.

This planting method is used to multiply a good number of plants from a single specimen: homogeneous and of good commercial quality.The advances in the knowledge of the method of planting by cuttings have been very important, so almost any plant can now be reproduced.

Gardening enthusiasts really like planting by cuttings because it is an easy method to carry out and very simple.

What is the best time to plant cypress cuttings?

The best time to plant cypress cuttings is in early spring and summer.With modern reproduction techniques, planting by cuttings can be done at any time of the year, as long as the necessary conditions are provided for the cypress to reproduce.

Specialists consider that the time of year in which the cutting is practiced is an important aspect for the success of the reproduction of cypress or any plant.

How to get cypress cuttings to root correctly?

In order for cypress cuttings to root correctly, the use of auxin-type growth regulators is recommended, which accelerate their development and increase the quality of the roots.

Once the cypress cuttings have been selected, it is recommended to submerge them in a rooting hormone and proceed to plant them directly.

In order for the cypress cuttings to root correctly, they must be placed in greenhouse environments, maintaining humidity above 95%.It is important that the cypress cuttings are kept protected from frost and that they are not affected by the winds.

How should we take the cypress cuttings to plant them?

Cypress cuttings should be taken from trees that are at least 10 years old, as these produce the healthiest cuttings and are most likely to root successfully.

The cypress cuttings suitable for cultivation must be selected very carefully, ensuring that the part of the lower node is woody.

Stems from cuttings are cut crosswise with a length of about 15 cm and having 2 or more nodes.The cut should be made just below a node and then remove the lower leaves leaving only the 2 or 3 pairs at the end.

It is recommended, but not essential, to impregnate the base of the cutting with rooting hormones in liquid or powder form.Horticulturists recommend selecting a good number of cypress cuttings since not all of them reproduce and many times almost 50 percent of them are lost.

Gardening tools for taking cypress cuttings must be sharp, clean and disinfected to prevent bacteria or disease to the new plant.

How long should we leave cypress cuttings in water?

Because it is a type of bushy plant, the cypress can be placed in a rooting solution before proceeding with its cultivation, but it is not recommended to leave it in the water.Once the cypress cuttings are ready and prepared, planting proceeds.

Is it convenient to use fertilizer or compost?

The fertilizer or compost required for cypress cultivation will depend on the type and variety of the plant.It is convenient and necessary to use fertilizer for the development and growth of the cypress.

Once the substrate is prepared, it must be watered abundantly so that the soil is fresh and loose for planting the cypress.

If the cypress cuttings are not going to be placed in greenhouses, it is recommended to water the crop daily using an atomizer.

How long does it usually take for a cypress cutting to come out?

The time it takes for a cypress cutting to come out depends on the type in question, but they begin to produce roots between 15 and 25 days.

The cypress cuttings will be kept in the nursery stage for at least 6 months and then they will be transplanted into the definitive pot or garden.

Cypress plants should be moved outside after they have taken root and grown indoors for a full year.Transplanting should be done after the last frost of the year to prevent cold weather damage.

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