Holly Cuttings: [Concept, Period, Rooting and Planting]

What does it mean to plant by cuttings?

Planting or propagation by cuttings consists of the use of a piece, fragment or part of a plant to achieve the reproduction of the plant.

It is impossible to offer precise, universal and static guidelines for planting or multiplying by cuttings, each species requires its specific procedure.

The technique of propagation by cuttings is considered very simple, but it involves the interrelation of complex genetic, physiological, environmental and temporal factors.

This method of propagation is highly recommended by some horticulturists so that, under optimal environmental conditions, it generates a new plant.

And it is the favorite planting procedure for horticulturists and hobbyists because it is a simple and easy method to carry out that allows obtaining a large number of plants in a relatively short time.

The cuttings can be fragments of the herbaceous type, obtained from perennial plants; softwood of woody plants, semi-hardwood, hardwood; foliar cuttings that come from the leaves and root cuttings.

What is the best time to plant holly cuttings?

The best time to reproduce and multiply holly cuttings is in mid-spring or early summer for better rooting.Holly is a plant that will be strong and healthy during the winter season because it likes the cold very much.

How to get holly cuttings to root properly?

To ensure that the holly cuttings root correctly, they must be subjected to a rooting -based treatment.

The rooting of the holly cuttings is very simple with the use of a substrate based on cactus soil rich in clay stones that will nourish the new roots.

It is also convenient to place fertilizer so that the root can grow faster, both in the substrate and diluted in the water of the first irrigation that is made to the holly cutting.

In woody type cuttings such as holly, it is recommended to use liquid hormones because the powder degrades more easily than the liquid

How should we take the holly cuttings to plant them?

For propagation, holly cuttings must be taken from a healthy mother plant with good phytosanitary conditions.

Cut about 10 to 15 cm from the bottom of the node or bud of the holly plant and proceed to remove the lower leaves by cutting without touching the stem, leaving only 2 or three pairs of leaves at the top.

In the case of holly, the cutting can be cut with small scissors that will not harm the plant.

The use of garden tools that are clean and disinfected is necessary to avoid mistreating or damaging the plant or the holly cutting.

How long should we leave holly cuttings in water?

The holly cutting should not be placed in water, but once the piece or fragment of the mother plant is selected and cut, it should be planted.

Is it convenient to use fertilizer or compost?

The use of fertilizer or compost in the sowing and multiplication of the holly is very important, since in this way it is possible to guarantee that the new plant is born healthy and robust.

The soil or substrate for planting the holly cutting must be rich in nutrients, very loose and moist.

The fertilizer for the holly must be rich in iron and dissolved in water so that once the planting is done, proceed to irrigate with that solution. The substrate can be based on loose soil, which can be black soil, with cactus soil in equal parts and with them make a mixture that, when watered, is very compact.

The pot for planting the holly must have a good drainage system, placing stones as the base of the substrate so that the water does not stagnate or the root of the cutting rots.

It is recommended that once the holly is planted it be placed in the coldest place available, in a place with light, but never direct sun. In order to prepare the soil, substrate or homemade organic matter such as compost for planting the holly cuttings, the use of gloves is recommended to guarantee the cleanliness and health of the plant and the gardener.

How long does it usually take for a holly cutting to come out?

With the holly you have to be patient, since it can take between 2 or three years for it to begin to develop and produce new shoots.

Therefore, the time necessary for a holly cutting to come out, stick or reproduce will depend on the chemical, physiological and climatic conditions of planting.

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