Monstera or Adam’s Rib care

It is, without a doubt, one of the most popular plants of the moment. And he has no reason to do so. On the one hand, we are talking about one of the most exuberant exotic indoor plants that exist. On the other hand, taking care of the monstera greatly facilitates its enjoyment. Because, far from any appearance, the truth is that we are talking about one of the easiest green plants to care for. A duo that makes this plant simply irresistible.

As important as seeing in detail the care of the monstera is knowing it a little more thoroughly. And we are not just referring to knowing that she comes from the Mexican tropical jungles. We are also referring to knowing a detail that only those who have had one for a long time know. And it is that the monstera is a climbing plant that, with proper care, can count on a simply spectacular development. A good reason to anticipate that it has room to grow.

And as novel as its popularity is, it’s interesting to know that the monstera is an old acquaintance. So much so that it is one of those plants to have at home that grandmothers already had, since it was one of the favorites in the 80s. And not only for indoors: it was also common to find them on terraces and patios.


As we said at the beginning of the post, monstera care is extremely simple. What’s more: it can be said that, despite its tropical origins, this species that is usually counted among indoor plants breaks with everything that is presupposed to exotic plants.

If we follow the care of the monstera to the letter, it will give us a spectacular growth. Get your plant here

But watch out. Despite being simply wonderful, there is one aspect to consider. The monstera is a plant that is extremely toxic for both dogs and cats. And not only with regard to its leaves: also its roots and stems. Therefore, if you share your life with any of them, you will have to give up including it among your plants.

Taking this detail into account, let’s see the care of the monstera in detail. Some super affordable for both beginner gardeners and the most experienced.

1. Luminosity, fundamental for its development

The original environment in which the monstera grows is not precisely characterized by light. As we said, it is native to leafy forests, so the light is filtered through the treetops.

This detail is not minor. Actually, it marks a lot the light needs of the monstera. Although you need a space with good light, in no case can you receive it directly. If you do, the sun could burn the leaves of it.

Despite this, the curious thing is that the monstera also adapts to dimly lit spaces. That yes: it is important to know that, even if it does, it will slow down its growth.

2. Irrigation, one of the monstera care to monitor

It is, of the entire list of monstera care, probably the one that we have to watch the most closely. Despite what we may think a priori, the truth is that it is a plant that does not need large doses of water. What’s more: waterlogging is, precisely, one of its great enemies. A compelling reason for us to water it very carefully.

The irrigation of the monstera depends, to a great extent, on aspects such as the temperature of the moment or the size of the plant. However, the usual guideline is one or two weekly waterings in summer and one every 15 days in winter. But beyond theories, there is a golden rule: it is essential that the substrate is always dry before watering again.

3. Environmental humidity and cleanliness, crucial for the health of your leaves

There is no doubt: the spectacular nature of its leaves is what makes the monstera an incredibly decorative plant. A good reason for us to give them the attention they need. Only in this way will they maintain their characteristic intense green and firmness.

The moisturizing fertilizer will properly maintain the leaves in addition to promoting the creation of new leaves. Know its characteristics

Achieving it happens by taking into account two precautions. On the one hand, provide a certain environmental humidity. Although it is true that it is not essential, the monstera appreciates being in a humidified environment. It is also possible to spray them although, if you opt for this technique, it will have to be in minimal quantities and only when it is very hot.

In addition to this detail, it is essential to keep your sheets clean. A task that we can carry out by cleaning them with a damp cloth or even subjecting them sporadically to baths under the shower head.

4. Temperature, a secondary aspect

Another of the care of the monstera that collides head-on with its tropical character. And we are not referring to the temperature inside the house, a space in which they will have no problem growing up with well-being. We refer, rather, to the fact that the monstera’s tolerance to cold is incredible: it supports temperatures between 0 and 5 degrees.

Perhaps due to this incredible hardiness, it is common to see it outdoors in Mediterranean areas.

5. Transplant, very important for its growth

A fundamental detail for those looking for that spectacular monstera that we all want to enjoy in extraordinary dimensions. Being able to achieve this happens by transplanting every two years to a larger pot.

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It is not the only thing we have to contemplate. For the transplant to be a success, there are two details that we have to take care of. And we are not just referring to using a substrate for green plants that promotes the greenness of its leaves. We talked, above all, about making our monstera a highly effective drainage. For this, the ideal is to use perlite: one of the types of substrates for plants that is little known but that facilitates the evacuation of water.

6. Fertilizer, one of the most demanding monstera care

It is probably the only one of the monstera care in which we will have to be extremely rigorous. Promoting this unique development necessarily involves providing our plant with fertilizers that help it grow.

Being rigorous with the fertilizer will help our monstera to grow. Meet this one from our brand, made with natural components

Ideally, we apply a dose of fertilizer every 15 days from the beginning of spring to the end of summer. During the winter months, we will completely suspend the payment. Our plant will stop its vegetative growth, and the fertilizer can even be harmful to it.

7. Tutoring, a detail that goes beyond aesthetics

As we said at the beginning, the monstera is a climbing plant. But to be able to do it fully, you will always need a support on which to lay your aerial roots. For this reason, we will have to use either tutors or trellises so that it can stand and grow vertically.

You already know the care of the monstera. Dare to have it to put them into practice!

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