Prune a Dimorfoteca: [Importance, Time, Tools, Considerations and Steps]

Pruning dimorfoteca is one of the priority care that must be managed to have a plant of this species at its best.

And that is precisely the objective that any owner pursues because it is a plant that generates some of the most beautiful flowers that exist.

Like everything that has to do with the subject of gardening, there are guidelines that must be followed so that pruning does not cause any damage.

And that’s what we’ll talk about next. Take note of each point so that, when you put it into practice, everything goes smoothly.

Why prune dimorphothecae?

The main idea of ​​pruning a dimorphotheca is to control the excessive growth that it tends to have over time.It is also useful to improve the characteristics of the plant, since it is common for wilted parts to establish themselves.

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In terms of production, pruning is an action capable of positively influencing the generation of great flowering each new period. The only thing is to know the information well to ensure that the result will be beneficial for the plant and not harm it.

When is it better to carry out pruning of dimorphothecae?

It is advisable not to prune it during winter days because it could suffer considerable damage.

It is a species that reproduces very quickly, so it is quite likely that several prunings will need to be applied throughout the year.

When it comes to pruning to start the flowering season, it is ideal to wait until the risk of late frosts passes at the beginning of spring.

What tools should we use when pruning dimorphothecae?

Dimorphothecae can be pruned with normal garden shears because they have a simple, slender structure.They have to go through a disinfection process first to ensure that they do not have elements attached that cause damage.

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In addition, prior disinfection is capable of preventing bacteria or fungi from lodging in the wounds. On the other hand, having well-sharpened scissors will help the work to flow more quickly and the cuts to be precise, preventing the plant from suffering.

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What considerations should we take into account when pruning dimorphothecae?

The main thing is to assess the state of the plant at the time it is going to be pruned, since the steps to be followed to carry out the work will depend on its characteristics.

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The type of dimorphotheca will also be decisive because there are versions in the form of a bush and others that develop via creeping. Therefore, for each case it will be necessary to apply a different work system even though the objective of both is the same.

How to prune dimorphotheca without damaging the plant?

The pruning of the dimorfotecas will respond mainly to the idea of ​​controlling their accelerated growth.You have to know that it is a species that tolerates pruning very well and is even capable of recovering from a very intense one.

So, you should not be afraid when it comes to cutting all the parts that are in poor condition, regardless of the time of year. A second point is to work to reduce the number of branches, especially in the case of bushes, as it prevents the passage of natural light into the interior.

This lack of light is detrimental to the health of the plant and prevents it from developing new flowers with good characteristics and is a focus for diseases. You have to consider that removing old branches, which have already flowered, is a good action to ensure that new ones are born and are numerous.

In general you don’t have to cut them from the base, but up to 50% or so for a new branch to emerge next.Sprouts and suckers must always be eliminated because they reduce the vitality of the plant and do not play any role in flowering.

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In some cases, the most convenient thing is to apply a drastic pruning, as it will help to better shape the plant as it grows and thus ensure that it occupies the defined space.

Although it is true that it tolerates pruning at any time of the year, in the case of a very drastic one, it is best to do it at the beginning of spring. In this way, the dimorphotheca will be able to recover with the best climate and continue with its growth process and future flowering.

The decoration of gardens with species of flowering plants is one of the most common strategies and one that provides the greatest benefits. We all love to enjoy the joyful color that comes with each spring and continues until fall.

And, to that end, dimorphothecae are an ideal choice because their blooms are resplendent and of a good size, so you’ll see them every day.

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