Rose Cuttings: [Concept, Season, Rooting and Planting]

What does it mean to plant by cuttings?

The cutting is a piece, fragment or part of the plant, in this case the rose bush, which is used to achieve the reproduction of the species.

Planting through cuttings is a technique widely used and recommended by some horticulturists so that, under optimal environmental conditions, it generates a new plant.

The rosebush has the ability to rebuild all its organs when given specific conditions.

The parts of the rose bush that are usually used to get the cuttings are the leaves, branches, tubers or rhizomes and there are even experts who use the flowers and fruits of the rose bush for their multiplication.

Among fans, the most popular method of propagation of the rosebush worldwide is through the technique of cuttings.

What is the best time to plant rose cuttings?

The time for the multiplication of the rose through cuttings should be in the spring- summer period.Some horticulturists consider that the best period to carry out this multiplication system is at the end of April or May when the rosebush from which the cutting was chosen is at its maximum vegetative vigor.

How to get rose cuttings to root correctly?

To ensure that rose cuttings root correctly, environmental conditions, temperature, humidity and sun exposure must be taken into consideration.

It is recommended to carry out a rooting treatment for rose cuttings using stimulating substances such as auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins, ethylene and abscisic acid.

Horticulturists recommend using a natural rooting powder for cuttings based on free amino acids and organic nitrogen, spreading them generously.

To achieve good rooting, rose cuttings need lighting, although never direct exposure to the sun, high and constant temperatures could be between 15-20 ˚C and high air humidity.

It is also very important that a healthy cutting is selected from a rose plant that is in good condition in order to get a new plant quickly.

How should we take the rose bush cuttings to plant them?

  1. To carry out the work of taking the rose bush cuttings, it is necessary to put on gloves in such a way as to save a few punctures from the mother plant.
  2. Too small rose cuttings should never be prepared because they deplete their reserve substances very quickly.
  3. The best rose bush cuttings are those obtained from a branch that has produced flowers , because they generally have more sap reserves and can offer a guarantee of success.
  4. The thickness of the branch should be about 0.6 to 10 millimeters in diameter and from there some pieces of about 10 to 40 cm are cut, or large enough to contain more than 4 or five buds.The lower part of the cutting should be cut horizontally and the upper part beveled.
  5. Then the leaves of the buds of the cutting will be cut until only the stem is left to avoid excessive perspiration and to facilitate the grip of the cutting.Thorns or spikes should be removed from the cutting to make it easier to handle and also for rooting absorption.
  6. Two buds will be buried from where the roots will come out and from the others a new shoot will form. Rose cuttings of various colors can be selected so that when they are reproduced, a beautiful landscape will be obtained.

How long should we leave rose cuttings in water?

In the case of the rose bush, horticulturists and gardeners do not recommend placing the cuttings in water.

They recommend that once the rose cutting has been prepared, it should be planted to prevent it from losing its components through dehydration of the cutting point and foliage.

Is it convenient to use fertilizer or compost?

To achieve and try to guarantee the reproduction of the rose cutting, it is necessary to use a mixture of compost and sand; well watered and loose.

The use of a sterilized vermiculite or agrolite propagation bed is also recommended.

The pot where the rose cutting will be planted must be previously prepared and left very well watered and loose.

The cutting of the rose bush should be planted about eight centimeters deep, so it is important to consider a pot more than 10 cm high.It is recommended to open the hole to the depth at which the cutting is going to be planted and without nailing or sinking it, it is imprisoned with the earth.

In general, the cutting should not be sunk directly into the ground since the hormone that has been placed in it can be lost.

How long does it usually take for a rose cutting to come out?

The time it takes to turn a rose cutting on or out is considered to be between 6 to 8 months, when the appearance of the first shoots of the new plant will be observed.

However, other studies indicate that the multiplication of the rose through cuttings can take up to three years to take root completely in the garden.

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