Strelitzia: [Characteristics, Planting, Care, Irrigation and Substrate]

The strelitzia is also known as the bird of paradise. The reason for this is that it has a very particular way of developing its flowers.

Thanks to this condition, it is a plant that is used for ornamental purposes, adding a unique decorative touch to any space.

Are you thinking of having a plant of this species at home?

Important points when sowing Strelitzia:

  • When? In seedbeds, all year. To transplant, in spring.
  • Where? In a space where it gets plenty of sunlight.
  • How do we prepare the land? Neutral pH, good drainage and rich in organic matter.
  • How should we water? Abundant, the earth must always be moist.
  • How often do you have to water? In summer frequently, up to 2 times a week if necessary. In winter very little.
  • What pests and diseases do they have? The main ones are cochineal and root rot.

What characteristics does the strelitzia have?

The strelitzia is a plant with peculiar flowers that develops with various colors and whose flowering gives the image of an exotic bird.

It has its origin in the African continent, but due to its unique characteristics, it has begun to be used throughout the world.

In fact, recognizing it is quite simple because it has three sepals that vary from orange to bright yellow and three more between blue and violet.

To stay well, it needs certain care that will vary depending on the time of year, but always ensuring that it has sun (so that it can carry out photosynthesis correctly).

It is also a plant of exotic origin.

Where should we plant a strelitzia?

The main condition that must be taken care of with this species is that it receives a lot of sunlight at all times of the year.

As it is a hot environment, it must also be ensured that the temperatures are never below 10º C.

However, they have in their favor that they are quite resistant to gusts of wind, so you will not have to worry about having them in open fields.

It is also worth knowing that they coexist well with certain species of shrubs, so you can have a very beautiful garden.

Strelitzia Augusta: [Planting, Care, Irrigation and Substrate]

When should it be cultivated?

If the bird of paradise plant is to be grown in seedbeds, it can be done at any time of the year.

However, transplanting should only be done in spring, when the surrounding temperatures are the most appropriate for this change.

How do we prepare the land to plant the strelitzia?

To ensure that the plant develops well, it will need a well-draining soil that is very deep.

Around the pH, you need it to be neutral or slightly alkaline.

It is essential that it contains a good amount of organic matter, so applying homemade compost as a preparation technique is appropriate.

This condition will be compensated later with the use of liquid fertilizers that should be used during the summer and spring periods.

Fertilizer will be applied along with irrigation every two weeks.

Sow a strelitzia step by step

Strelitzia can be sown from the division of a mother plant or by seed.

from the mother plant

  1. For this modality to be profitable for the mother plant, the cut must be made at the beginning of spring.
  2. It is necessary to know that by executing this procedure, the plant will go into a recession year without flowering.
  3. The cut will have to be arranged in a more or less deep container that is filled with high quality soil.
  4. A good action that favors faster roots is the use of rooting hormones.
  5. For this system to thrive, it needs abundant watering, beginning days after the cutting is placed in the container.
  6. Lastly, you will need the use of high-quality fertilizer starting the following spring.

by seeds

  1. This procedure is much slower, so it will be necessary to have a lot of patience before attempting to sow.
  2. With the seeds well cleaned, it will be necessary to go through a soaking period that will cover three whole days.
  3. After that, they will be transferred to a container with good soil and placed approximately 10 cm deep.
  4. The soil will need to contain enough moisture.
  5. The container should be placed in a space that is warm and receives indirect sunlight.
  6. In order for the soil to have good humidity, it is essential that it be covered with plastic.

What care does the strelitzia need?

After selecting a good soil and making sure it has proper drainage, the rest of the care will go through irrigation and fertilization.

As for irrigation, it should be abundant and occupy the entire area where the base of the bird of paradise plant is.

To define the periods, you will need to take into account the humidity level of the ground and the surrounding temperatures. The most common is that in the winter the irrigations are less frequent than in the summer.

Fertilization is very important to ensure that it blooms with quality and quantity. With a liquid application every two weeks between May and October will be more than enough.

Finally, it will be necessary to remove the withered flowers to ensure their showiness and good health.

What pests and diseases does it have?

Strelitzia pests are mainly oriented to mealybugs and nematodes; while diseases to rot.


Mealybugs are insects that absorb plant sap, preventing nutrients from passing through all its parts.

As a consequence of this, the plants cannot develop normally and lose their green color.


In the case of nematodes, they are worms that directly affect the roots, causing tumors that weaken the plant.


Strelitizia can suffer from rot when watering is excessive and the soil does not have good drainage. It also affects if it is very acidic.

Those who enjoy strelitzia at home appreciate the beautiful environment they create and how different they are from other species.

It can be used as part of exterior decoration, and also in the creation of interior flower arrangements.

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